What is FASTACard?

FASTACard is a credit enabled virtual card that is backed by Mastercard. You can use it to shop online in South Africa anywhere that Mastercard is accepted, and you can use it to sign up for online services like Uber and Netflix.

It allows you to make payments and purchase online without having to use your credit or debit card details but should still be treated with the same care that you would treat your cash.

Please note:

Your card is VIRTUAL so you will not be issued with a physical card.

Your FASTACard is valid for 3 (three) years and cannot be extended.


What is a VIRTUAL card?

A virtual card is a card that exists entirely online. There is no delivery of a physical card but rather, the card details are issued to you immediately on approval. This means that you can apply for and be issued with your card in minutes.

How do I apply for a FASTACard?

Register your profile or log in on our website.

Follow the online application process.

It is self-service and there is no need to upload documents – the approval process is done online via your internet banking.


Where can I use my FASTACard?

FASTACard can be used to shop on any South African online store where Mastercard is accepted and in-store at participating retailers using payment app enabled QR codes.

It can also be used to sign up for online services like Uber and Netflix.

What is a Payment App?

This is an application (app) that you download to your smartphone that lets you pay with your phone quickly, easily, and safely. These apps make use of your phone's camera to scan a unique QR code at a store which allows you to pay them.


Which payment apps can I use with my FASTACard?

FASTACard can be used with most of the well-known payment apps like SnapScan, Masterpass and Zapper so that you can make purchases in a store. You will need to check that the particular store can accept your chosen payment app, either in store or on their website:


SnapScan - https://www.snapscan.co.za/user.html

Zapper - https://www.zapper.com/users

Masterpass - https://masterpass.com/en-za/retailers.html


Masterpass is offered by most of the major South African banks, which you can download directly from your app store. Examples of Masterpass apps are Vodapay, Capitec Masterpass, Absa Masterpass, Standard Bank Masterpass


We strongly recommend using Masterpass to pay at a store. You will be able to pay with your Masterpass app at any store that accepts SnapScan or Zapper.

Are there limits to how many times I can swipe the card?

Yes, we allow a customer to use their card up to a maximum of 8 times per day for up to 20 purchases in a 30-day period as a fraud prevention measure.


​Can I transfer money to or from my FASTACard to another bank account?

You cannot deposit funds into, nor transfer funds from, your FASTACard. You can only use up to the credit amount that has been approved.


Can I withdraw cash from my FASTACard?

Your FASTACard cannot be substituted, exchanged, or redeemed for cash.

You cannot withdraw cash from your FASTACard at any till point and or Automated Teller Machine (ATM).


Can the card be used to pay for fuel?

Yes, provided that the fuel station accepts one of the prescribed payment methods.

​Can I cancel the card if I don’t use it?

Cancelling the card once issued will incur a 5% cancellation fee that will need to be paid via EFT before the card is cancelled. You also CANNOT cancel the card if any of the initial approved funds have been used.

​Do I still pay an instalment if I don’t use the facility?

Yes, your FASTACard is intended to be a short-term finance solution so you will need to make your monthly payments irrespective of how much of the credit facility you have used.

Can I give my FASTACard to someone else?

Your FASTACard is issued to you and cannot be transferred to someone else.


Is it safe to use FASTACard?

Yes, and it allows you to make payments and purchases online without having to use your credit or debit card details, keeping your banking details safe.


How do I make a FASTACard purchase online?

FASTACard details are entered at the checkout process. They are used in the same way that you would enter your debit or credit card details when making an online purchase.


What is required to make my first purchase using FASTACard?

Your card number and your CVV number.

Both numbers are sent to you immediately, when you have signed your agreement with FASTA.

What is my spending limit?

Your limit is whatever the approved value is that is available on the card. As you make purchases your balance will reduce accordingly.

​What is the maximum I can spend with FASTACard?

The maximum you can access is R8000. Your spending limit is based on the amount approved.


I suspect fraudulent use of my FASTACard, what must I do?

If you believe that an unauthorized transaction has been made using the information from your FASTACard without your permission, please email support@fasta.co.za immediately.


I lost my FASTACard, what must I do?

You must notify us immediately when you realise that your phone has been stolen, or someone gains access to your FASTA Card.

We will block your FASTACard and send you your new FASTACard details as soon as is reasonably possible after being advised to do so.

Are my details safe?

It is your responsibility to keep your FASTA username, password and your FASTACard CVV code safe.

​I have had a refund processed, why is it still not in my account?

Standard bank-processing times apply.

If the merchant credits your FASTACard, the credit may not be immediately available.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the speed at which the merchant/retailer or supporting bank, processes your refund.


When does the purchase payment come off my FASTACard?

The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the value on your FASTA Card immediately.

If there is any shortfall owing to the participating retail store, you will be liable to pay this amount directly to them using an alternate payment method.

There is a problem with my purchase/delivery, can FASTA help?

Please contact the merchant/retailer that you purchased the goods from. FASTA provides a payment solution but is not involved with stock or delivery in any way.

FASTA is not responsible or liable for the goods you acquire using your FASTA Card.


I want to return my product, what do I do?

Exchange and return of merchandise purchased in whole or in part using Your FASTA Card, will be governed by the procedures and policies of the merchant and the applicable law.

If you are entitled to a refund, for any reason, for goods or services obtained with your FASTACard, the return will be handled by the merchant.